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5 Reasons to Say ‘Hi’ to Hye, Texas

By:  Judy Peacock

(Below is a blog post that was originally published on TexasHillCountry.com last year, January 15, 2016.)  Enjoy!

One of the Texas Hill Country’s towns that you do not hear widely publicized is Hye, located on Highway 290 in the middle of Johnson City, Stonewall, Albert, and Blanco. With a population of only 105, it is one of those small towns where people say if you blink, you miss it. But it is a fun place, with great people, so try not to blink. The five major reasons you should check out Hye are:

  1. Have fun with the name!
Hye City Limit Sign
Photo: Judy Peacock

One of the local wineries has a “Friends in Hye Places” Club. The local market has the “Hye End Tasting Room,” where you might meet the Hye society folks from the area (see how fun it is to come up with different possibilities?). Then there is simply greeting people with the name of their hometown.

  1. Visit the historic Hye Post Office.
Hye Post Office
Photo: Judy Peacock

The unique, colorful exterior of the Hye post office leads inward to great food at the Hye Market, local beers and wines, locally made spices and lotions, scheduled wine tastings, various general store type items, and even a functioning post office section of the building surrounded by wrought-iron bars. Especially on the weekends, this is a fun and happening place where locals and visitors alike stream through or sit a spell. They can listen to some live music, play a board game on one of the Market’s long picnic tables, and hear interesting things about the local people and businesses.

  1. Enjoy some of the best drinks in Texas.
Garrison Brothers
Photo: Judy Peacock

Garrison Brothers Distillery was the first legal whiskey distillery in Texas, and they are proud to call Hye their home. They have tours of the distillery with free samples at the end. These are some people who love their job, and rightfully so. They make award winning bourbon whiskey and are constantly working to improve what is already outstanding.

Wine Bottles
Photo: Unsplash.com


Three wineries also create some excellent drinks and great experiences, offering tours, tastings, and fun. If you enjoy sampling the Hill Country’s wonderful wines, make it a point to visit Hye’s own Hye Meadow Winery, William Chris Vineyards, and Compass Rose Cellars.

  1. Soak in the wonderful sense of community.
Front Porch
Photo: Judy Peacock

Local business owners and managers here love their town, and enjoy telling stories about all that Hye has to offer. They support and refer people to each other’s businesses, and they have each other’s backs. Something that we at TexasHillCountry.com plan to come back and explore in the summertime is an annual fundraiser for Hye’s Preservation Society – an event called Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Sounds fun!

5. Stay in some unique places.

Hye Noon Cabins
Photo: HyeNoonCabins.com

There are no hotels or motels in Hye, but if you want to plan a stay here, you have some great places to choose from. One of the local residents has set up clean, nicely appointed cabins, and another some bed and breakfast cabins that they rent by the night. You can find information on these at Hye Noon Cabins or Country Cabins B & B. Also check out the bulletin board at Hye Market for any others that might become available.

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