David&Judy in Alaska
Judy & David Peacock in Alaskan mountains

Judy Peacock is a travel coordinator, blogger, and freelance writer and photographer. She and her husband, David, live in Texas, and have traveled every chance they could get over the years, and are now sharing tips and tales from their experiences, Their goal is to discover more exciting places and to find ways to help others to enjoy their own travel adventures.

Judy has written for Texas Hill Country and has been published in the Heart of Texas magazine. She worked full-time in the corporate world and legal profession for lots of years, assisting top level executives, and the favorite part of her jobs was travel and event planning. She loves to research and find both popular and out-of-the-way places to explore.

While working full-time, she and David had to carve out time for travel, either using their allotted weeks of earned vacation time or taking weekend trips. They learned how to pack as much activity (or relaxation, if that was the goal) as possible into each trip.

Judy and David live in the great state of Texas, and a lot of their tales will be about different regions of Texas, but they also have experiences to share from other states and other countries.

Enjoy the journey as the Peacocks help you find your next adventure and discover the extraordinary wherever you are!