Lanterns at Lantern Fest1

The Sky Will Light Up Like Magic, at The Lantern Fest

The Lantern Fest: Dallas will be held Saturday, March 4, 2017, in Ennis, Texas. Thousands of people will join together and release fire-heated lanterns into the night sky for an unforgettable experience.

[If you are not in Texas, this event will also be in other cities across the U.S. See info below.]

Rapunzel releasing lantern in the Disney movie "Tangled"
Rapunzel releasing lantern in the Disney movie “Tangled”

I have always thought that luminaries, the bags along a walkway with lit candles glowing inside, were beautiful. And I have to admit that ever since I watched the Disney movie, “Tangled,” in 2010 with my daughters, I have loved the idea of seeing the sky light up with hundreds of floating paper lanterns. In the movie, Rapunzel watched lights in the sky from far away and yearned to see where they were coming from and to be a part of seeing them up close and personal. That opportunity is about to be here for us, and I am very excited to say that David and I have tickets to witness and participate in it.

Lanterns at Lantern Fest1

The organizers of this event have worked hard to make it a wonderful experience, even before the launch of the lanterns. Before sundown, festival-goers can enjoy food, live music, a stage show, and other activities including face painting, s’mores, balloon artists, and more. You bring your own blanket or chairs, and find a place to immerse yourself in the fun of it all.


Lantern w-Maya Angelou quote

Then, just when it is getting dark, the event coordinators guide people to light their lanterns and release them into the sky. You can just imagine the beautiful sight. The Lantern Fest people say that they “light the sky with our highest hopes, deepest regrets and fondest dreams.” While for many, the lanterns lifting together in the sky simply make a beautiful and touching visual, for many others, the lanterns lifting off symbolize problems or worries floating away. Markers will be provided for you to write on the lanterns – specific concerns that you want to release, positive statements or sayings that are meaningful to you, or maybe a message to someone in Heaven that you are missing.


Releasing lantern

The Dallas event takes place at Texas Motorplex, 7500 W U.S. 287, Ennis, Texas. The gates open at 1 p.m. and parking will be $10 at the venue. The event’s website lists “Things to bring with you:  No food or drink! There will be plenty of food trucks and concessions to buy food and drinks; A blanket or chairs for sitting; A jacket in case you get chilly; A smile, because you’re never fully dressed without it; Some money or a credit card to buy a snack or drink; and your dancing shoes!”


Sky filled with lanterns, LanternFestDallas

We are really looking forward to the experience, and we plan to have pictures, video, and more information to share with you afterwards.

The Lantern Fest will be happening in 15 other locations across the United States during 2017, and you can get more information about those locations at

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