Valentines Day – My Favorite Holiday (A Tribute to My Valentine, David Peacock)

My husband is a very romantic guy. (But please don’t tell anyone. It will spoil his image.)    Not that he is a tough or mean person. It’s just that he generally does not go in for PDA, public displays of affection. He is very quiet and shy, and does not talk very much until you get to know him. Plus he makes it a point to tell people that the stores take great advantage of men on Valentines – cards, candy, restaurants, and especially flowers, cost more then than any other time of the year. It goes against his grain to pay a florist a huge amount to deliver flowers to me. Of course, that does not usually deter him from stopping by a grocery store or somewhere less expensive to buy and hand-deliver me a bundle of roses or other beautiful flowers. And the candy? Well, chocolates or cinnamon hearts taste just as delicious the day AFTER Valentines, and they are discounted from 50% up to 90% then, depending on where you find them.  LOL.  Even our two daughters, in their mid- to late-twenties, look forward to the day after Valentines (and also the days after Easter, Christmas and Halloween) because that is when their dad will be stocking up on the candies from the sale aisle. He is awesome!


From the very beginning of our relationship (and we have been married a long and happy 32 years), he did something each year to make Valentines Day memorable for me. Now we both try to come up with something special to do together each year, and it has definitely become my favorite holiday. It is not that we do something outrageous or extravagant. It is just that we try to do something that we don’t normally do, and that is part of the fun of it – trying to come up with something new. Going out to eat is something that I really enjoy, but we generally do not go out to eat on Valentines Day. He says that places are too crowded and too expensive then. We generally have a date night the weekend before or after that includes eating out. This year it will be the weekend after. And it cannot be at someplace that we go on a regular basis; we try to find a place that we’ve never gone before.

David w/camera

Back when we first started dating, I worked in Dallas and lived in Arlington, and carpooled with a couple of other ladies on our 45-minute drive each way. On David’s and my first Valentines Day together, he put a huge sign on the side of Interstate 30, and I mean huge! It was a king-sized white bedsheet with red painted letters saying “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY JUDY.” I can’t even imagine how he got it to stand up so tall and sturdy. It was AMAZING!! We all three saw it and screamed. Then I wondered if it was really for me! How could it be? But it was.  I-30 was a super-busy, crowded turnpike (toll road) back then, and the exits were far apart, so there was no stopping or turning around to see it again. I just had to know that yes, he did that, for me! He and I went back later that night to see it on our way home from dinner. Too bad we didn’t have cell phones with cameras back then, or I would have a picture of it that I could show you.


I won’t ramble on and on and bore you with lots more details, but as he and I start our new business together and have our friends, family and clients get to know more about us, I just wanted to put this out there – that I have the best Valentine in the world that I could possibly have. David is a wonderful husband, an amazing father, and now an awesome Poppi to our granddaughter. He is a good man, and I am very proud to be his Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day to you all!





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